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2019 Isuzu Crosswind Panduan kepadanan tayar Ketahui apakah jenis roda dan tayar yang padan dengan Isuzu Crosswind 2019

Sila pilih pengubahsuaian kenderaan Isuzu Crosswind 2019 di bawah dan lihat jadual untuk mendapatkan saiz roda, saiz tayar, corak bolt (PCD), ofset rim dan parameter kepadanan tayar yang lain. Jika perlu, anda boleh menapisnya mengikut kawasan pengedaran jualan.

Isuzu Crosswind TBR541 [2001 .. 2019]

Tapis mengikut kawasan:
Malaysia (Asia Tenggara) SAM

2019 Isuzu Crosswind TBR541 [2001 .. 2019] - Pengubahsuaian

Isuzu Crosswind TBR541 [2001 .. 2019] 2.5TD

84 hp
  • Generasi: TBR541 [2001 .. 2019] [SAM]
  • Pengeluaran: [2001 .. 2019]
  • Kawasan jualan: Malaysia (Asia Tenggara)
  • Kuasa: 84 hp | 62.5 kW | 85 PS
  • Enjin: 2.5 L, , Diesel
  • Tahap Trim: Black Series, Sportivo X, XL, XS, XT, XTO, XTi, XTRM, XUV, XUVi
  • Gerek Tengah / Geret Pusat:
  • Corak Bolt (PCD): ()
  • Pengikat Roda: Kacang lug
  • Saiz Bebenang:
  • Pengetatan Tork Roda:
    tidak diketahui
Tayar   Rim   Julat Ofset mm Undur Ruang mm inci Berat Tayar kg lb Tekanan Tayar (depan / belakang) bar psi
OE 205/65R15 102S 6Jx15 ET35 33 - 37 124 4.88 10.9 24.1 2.4 35
OE 235/70R15 102S 6.5Jx15 ET38 36 - 40 133 5.24 13.9 30.6 2.4 35
205/70R15 102S 6Jx15 ET35 124 4.88 11.7 25.8 2.4 35
205/65R16 102S 6Jx16 ET35 124 4.88 11.4 25.2 2.4 35
225/65R16 102S 6.5Jx16 ET38 133 5.24 12.9 28.4 2.4 35
235/60R16 102S 7Jx16 ET35 137 5.39 12.7 28.0 2.4 35

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- Run-flat tires
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- Steel wheels
OE - Original Equipment
- Tire Pressure
- Front axle
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Wheel backspace is the distance from a wheel's mounting surface to the back edge of the wheel.

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UN-series Ex.: 9/16" - 18 UNF Thread size (in) - thread pitch
UNF - Unified National Fine Thread

Example: 215/55 R16 91 T

215 is the tire width in mm
55 is the ratio of profile height to width or simply 'profile'. With the same width, the larger this indicator, the higher the tire will be and vice versa
16 - diameter of the wheel (disk) in inches. (It is the diameter, not the radius!). This is the inner size of the tire or the outer size of the rim
91 - load index. This is the level of maximum permissible load on one wheel
T - tire speed index

The method of attaching a wheel to a hub: wheel nuts or wheel bolts

The torque value specified by the manufacturer for wheel bolts or wheel nuts, which is to be set when tightening on the torque tool (torque setting). A rotational force given in Newton metres (Nm) or foot-pounds (ft-lbs), wheel torque measures lug nut / bolts tightness

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